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DIVODES FG - preparat dezynfekcyjny 20L

Without Tax: 417,78 zł
With Tax: 513,87 zł

Manufacturer: JohnsonDiversey
Shipment:No Information


Preparat chemiczny,

dezynfekcyjny ogólnego stosowania

na bazie alkoholu.

Nie wymaga płukania,

stosowany w przemyśle spożywczym.

Opakowanie: kanister 20L

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GALVET SODIUM SULPHATE (natrium sulfuricum) 500g Feed Material
images/min/product_mid/1372846957_siarczan sodu 500g_logo.jpg images/min/product_mid/ff6c9fb2053acb491b919cc38d3bbc3e.jpg,images/min/product_mid/daa94f4179e56b3b70ff7a6651a93705.jpg,images/min/product_mid/b241fd5a7a1350e2741e36a99c22d7fb.jpg,images/min/product_mid/0c9f95f93b67b1aa701a8816d7508bc7.jpg, GALVET SODIUM SULPHATE (natrium sulfuricum) 500g Feed Material SODIUM SULPHATE Feed Material No. of the veterinary identification „α” PL 1607005p   Description    Sodium Sulphate is a feed material - containing sulphur and sodium - absorbed by animals   Composition           Sodium Sulphate Chemical formula: Na2SO4 Molecular weight: 142 g.mol –1        Specification Form                                       Powder about bright-yellow colour Sodium sulphate                        Min. 99% Humidity                                  (105ºC – 4h)          Max. 0.3% Additional information *      Granulometry: D50 180 µm   <50 µm  max. 20% >630 µm  max. 5% Na 32% S 22% DEB 13 913 mEq/kg Density 1.3-1.6g/ cm3  PH (water solution 1%) 6.5-7.5 Compressibility 25% Density angle 30-32%    * Data is a result of representative tests of production attempts. The data was presented as the example and should not be perceived as the guarantee or as the commercial specification. Product durability 5 years from the date of the production, storing in the original packaging in the dry, cool and dark place. In the case of improper storage there is a risk of lumps on the product. Available packages: 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 25kg Application Sodium Sulphate is a source of sodium, effective in feeding poultry and pigs. This product is a substitute for other sources of sodium (sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate), in an amount 0.05-0.50% in complete fodder. It is also a source of sulfur for cattle, in particular for dairy cows. Analytical method Sodium Sulphate: gravimetry by burning down in temp. 650 ºC during 4 h PRODUCT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN STUDIES AND VETERINARY WHOLESALE OUTLETS Without Tax: 3,13 zł
With Tax: 3,85 zł
koszyk,powiedz, 4

GALVET SODIUM SULPHATE (natrium sulfuricum) 500g Feed Material

Without Tax: 3,13 zł
With Tax: 3,85 zł

GALVET LACTIC ACID 50% bright acidifier to silages 1kg feed additive
images/min/product_mid/kwas_mlek_jasny_1kg_logo.jpg.jpg GALVET LACTIC ACID 50% bright acidifier to silages 1kg feed additive feed additive      1. technological additive,     A; preservative Lactic acid 50% bright PROPERTIES: Lactic acid occurs naturally in many food products and in tissues of living organisms, therefore its use in feeding the animals and fodders maintenance is justified. Lactic acid is completely absorbed and metabolized in the organisms of animals. The addition of lactic acid to fodders improves their taste, which makes them willingly accepted by animals. APPLICATION: In poultry nutrition  we use 0,2% solution of lactic acid, which is obtained after mixing 1 kg of lactic acid 50% with 250 liters of water. The solution is given with drinking water during change of fodder, the occurrence of diarrhea or in case of loss of appetite. In pigs nutrition we use lactic acid  in the form of 1% solution as additive to dry fodders. Solution 1% we get after mixing 1 kg of lactic acid 50% with 50 liters of water. When given with drinking water we use solution 0,5% (0,5 kg lactic acid 50% per 50 liters of water). For pigs we can also pass the lactic acid with the milk in the amount 0,5 to 1,0 kg per 50 liters of milk.   In cattle nutrition the daily dose amounts 1 milliliter per 5kg of body mass, what gives  50-100 milliliters per cow per day and 30-50 milliliters per calf per day.   ENSILING FODDERS Lactic acid 50% can be successfully used for the fast and effective ensiling fodders. We prepare solution 1% out of lactic acid 50% (1kg of lactic acid 50% mix with 50 liters of water). The solution is used in an amount: - grass from field crops - 4 liters per 1000 kg, - a mixture of legumes with grasses - 6 liters per 1000 kg, - legumes - 7 liters per 1000 kg.Preparation of corn silage   1 liter of lactic acid 50% pour into 50 liters of water, the solution can be used for corn silage in amount of 6 liters per 1 ton, in the case of grain use half of solution - 3 liters. 1 liter of acid will be enough to silage 8,5 tons of corn 30 liters of acid will be enough to silage 255 tons of corn     PRODUCT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN STUDIES AND VETERINARY WHOLESALE OUTLETS additional information:Lactic acid is produced by bacteria of lactic acid Lactobacillus and is found in products such as: kefir, yoghurt, curd, sauerkraut. It is a factor preserving silage. It is acting antibacterially in the digestive tract. Source:chemistry and biotechnology in the animal production   "Remember young chemist always pour acid into water"    We invite to watch the video:   Without Tax: 8,56 zł
With Tax: 9,24 zł
koszyk,powiedz, 5

GALVET LACTIC ACID 50% bright acidifier to silages 1kg feed additive

Without Tax: 8,56 zł
With Tax: 9,24 zł

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